Over 28 Years of proven expertise in corporate & intellectual property law

Services that can be provided

Our Services include:Patent Law Attorney

  • Conduct Prior Art Patent & Trademark searches.
  • Prepare Patent & Trademark search opinions.
  • Prepare Patent & Trademark applications.
  • Prosecute Patent & Trademark applications.
  • Advise & council in the areas of offensive revenue generating intellectual property/technology licensing, acquiring/selling intellectual property, open source licensing & coporate law.
  • Draft & negotiate intellectual property/technology licenses & acquisition agreenments including joint development agreements & non-disclosure agreements.
  • Perform technology Patent mining.

Professional Services Are Available on A Fee Basis

If you are interested in engaging our services to assist you with your patent needs, please contact us by e-mail. We will be happy to respond to your inquiry in a prompt, friendly manner. Please remember however, that we do not, provide legal services nor render legal opinions, unless we have been engaged to provide such services. Our schedule of services & fees is provided for your convenience.

Copyright Infringement

If you are not prepared to engage our services & you require a legal opinion or task related specific information, we recommend that you contact your local county bar association & obtain a referral to an intellectual property attorney in your local community. Such referrals are typically provided without charge. Consultations of up to a one half hour are also generally provided without charge. This is a good way to get started. We recommend that you find the right firm for your specific intellectual property needs. We would suggest you consult with at least three patent attorneys to determine which one best meets your needs. We would of course like you to consider our firm in your selection process, in light of the information that we have provided on this website. Another reason to consider our firm for your needs is our proven success record in assisting our clients in achieving their intellectual property needs


Intellectual Property Infringement Lawyers

If we can be of further service, please call or e-mail us:

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Phone: 208-724-1838

E-mail: info@basicpatents.com

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